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I’ve tried running the polkadot binary on my Synology DS218+ (Intel Celeron/SSD/extra RAM). It actually works quitte good.

  • Install docker on your synology
  • Install the parity/polkadot docker
  • Expose the relevant ports: 30333, 9933, 9944
  • The tricky part was passing the right command line options, just like on the vps the binary needs the right instructions. Theoretically you should be able to enter it via de console but i ended up exporting the json, adjusting the cmd line an reimporting it. For the test setting I opened all the insecure ports to be able to play with it.
   "cmd" : "--chain polkadot --name STAKEWORLD --unsafe-pruning --pruning 1000 --validator --unsafe-rpc-external --unsafe-ws-external --rpc-cors all --rpc-methods Unsafe",